samedi 5 janvier 2008

Back From A Travel To The Roots

From a travel to my roots, i engaged in conversation wiht a mask-dancer that is fruitful for awareness on how to keep tradition in family. As some said, you never can be sure how much the truth you've got from someone else is ever real true telling or a cheat. Some family secrets remains a treasure well kept inside from the " outsiders ".
So on the twentieth century, metropolitan authors and anthropologists of western countries came to Burkina Faso and made investigations in the ethny called "Lélé" in order to have knowledge on their masks. But accurately, one of them has published a book filled with mistakes and is still probably considered as a solid knowledge. The question is : is it worth it for those who are really interested in the masks to have the right history and story of it, or is it better to remain cheated because there's a national proud to keep ? I wonder how some metropolitans scholars are prompt to ask you where you do got your knowledge from about masks of your ethny and wether you're telling lies, but never question the real possibilities of the metropolitan called "specialist" to effectively get the right information. Who is the one he questionned to get his informations, my dear ? If he is to lie today, why hadn't he told lies that day too ? How is it that you'll always question the native true talks when he is the one who knows exactly what he is talking about ? And never wonder if it's possible for the outsider to get the real meaning and knowledge about this "object" he is cherishing like a war trophy.
As long as African mask-dancers and African people awared of masks value, power and meaning will be kept silence, the false story of the metropolitan "specialist" will remain the bible of the students in the main western institutions, and their talk will appear as the only one possible.
So I urge you specially at making an investigation on "VOLTZ, M. Le langage des masques chez les Bwaba et les Gurunsi de Haute-Volta. Thèse pour le doctorat du 3°cycle Paris, 1976." for those interested in masks, to find out what is to be taken for granted or not. Just like i did !
For those interested in the conversation, sooner i'll publish an interesting sequence telling how some masks are made. But don't expect too much "secret" informations to be released. 'Cause the main interest is not to be tipped off what natives have hidden. First try to get in touch with those knowledges that shouldn't be praising like sufficient, or the only one available.

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